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About is really just a placeholder for many of my projects and an internal server for storing everything locally (No worries this is not it). Future projects will be a portfolio for myself and a random wordpress playground and simple hosting for friends among others.



Fishpartner is one of icelands best fishing groups, they offer great fishing trips, tips and tricks. Fully recommend checking out their offers.

Kvosin Hotel

Kvosin hotel is a quaint hotel in the middle of Reykjavík, the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation but in short range from all the most inportant locations in Reykjavík.

Lebowski bar

One of the most unique bars in iceland, with so many different styles of the russian white russians and a complete decoration of the movie we all love with no details to spare.

Bryggjan brugghús

Bryggjan brugghús is located near Reykjavík's harbor, excelent a bar, bistro and a brewery for many of Icelands finest drinks, highly reccomended if you want a good atmosphere, food and drinks.

Den danske krø

Den Danske Krø or Danski barinn is one of Reykjaví's oldest downtown bars, small place with really good atmosphere, feels like home as soon as you step in with easy live music.

Karl K. Karlsson

A local retailer of liqueur in iceland specializing in import of beverages and dry products, most known for fine wines and rum.


Þórsgarður is a holding company for many of Icelands most sought out estastes, bars and hotels.

Iceland Taxi Travel

A really simple site for the various taxi trips you can take around Iceland, simple sales site with critical information about services provided in Iceland.


A musical site for the nordic folksongs with sheets and complete descriptions of each book for each instrument with a complete online store.